Shipping with Care

Image Shipping with Care

The caring alternative – your business is our business

Looking for a reliable, flexible and proactive supplier?

The core of our business is distribution management. Over the last 25 years, Crossflight has built up a network of the world’s best delivery agents, and in doing so, is a truly flexible and reliable distribution partner.
We continuously measure the performance of our network of partners and that information, together with our knowledge of your business, is used by our intelligent routing software to give you a bespoke delivery service. Let Crossflight manage your distribution requirements so you can focus on your core business.
There are capable suppliers and there are suppliers that care; Crossflight is both. Being capable is where we start and the big brands end. 
How can someone care about your business if they don't know you, your business and its requirements? That’s why at Crossflight, every customer has a single point of contact who is industry trained. You'll speak to the same experienced people when you call and they'll know about your business. 
Our people and their dedication to meeting the needs of customers has firmly established us as the "caring" alternative to the big brands.
Contact us to find out about Crossflight’s range of services and how we can add value to your business.
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